Children, Teens, and Technology

When my oldest child was eight-years-old, she began asking for a cell phone. It seemed like a ‘fun’ idea to her, and definitely in keeping with the times and trends of our young.

Gymnastics, Frustrations, Tears … and Muffins

This year, my daughter (Emma, four) started her first organized group activity. She requested for many months to attend gymnastics’ class, but my wife and I tried to push back as much as we could, ...

Attachment Hunger

Dr. Neufeld frequently compares our need for food with our need for relationship; the more I think about this the more it makes sense.

What a child needs is love

“Well,” she said, softly, “the biggest difference I see is how you treat your children. I do not know how to say this to you, but you see, in Zaire, we believe that what children need is love. They are little, and they are just learning, what they need is love.”

Coming alongside our children

How much easier it would be if we realized that what children most need from us is support and understanding. Whether it be dealing with a hurtful comment on the playground or a more serious situation such as bullying, children look to us to see what we think of them.