Gardeners at Heart: Growing Emotional Health in our Children

Health is something we all desire for our children. Physical health is fairly straightforward to assess, as problems usually show up in terms of pain and discomfort. Emotional health, however, is a bit trickier to measure; how do we even know what to look for? 

Can a Child Be Too Attached to Their Parent?

One of the most common questions I am asked about relationships is whether a child can be too attached? There is a general fear and persistent myth that if we focus on building relationships with our kids, we may hinder their grow as independent and self-sufficient beings.

Learning a Language of the Heart

We can no more prevent our emotions from rising inside of us than we can prevent the sun rising each morning. The presence of an emotional state indicates we have been activated by something in our environment. Emotions are something humans share in common with other mammals and are instinctual in nature.

The Surprising Secret Behind Kids’ Resistance and Opposition

Why is it that young children can lock down in protest at the mere suggestion of getting dressed or undressed? Why do school-age kids seem to resist directions and expectations when homework needs to get done?

Sibling Tensions: Staying Outside of Details, and Inside Relationships …

There are many places in my life where my patience is tested and I am offered yet another opportunity to stretch towards maturity. This is definitely the case when dealing with the daily tensions between my children.